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Help For Abused Partners provides services and safehousing to adults and children affected by domestic violence and/or intimate partner abuse. We are a direct service provider for victims of domestic violence in Northern Colorado.

We work with our community including schools, businesses, community associations, judicial system partners, and faith-based organizations – to end domestic and sexual abuse. We strive to change the community conversation around domestic abuse and to drive social change by encouraging bystander intervention and collective intolerance of abuse, and working to highlight the reality that these are community-wide problems that deserve community-wide solutions.

If you need emergency assistance call our 24 Hour Crisis Line: (970) 522-2307
  • Emergency Shelter

    We work with Emergency Shelter Programs to ensure a safe place for you and your family. Victims of intimate partner abuse and their children receive shelter for two to eight weeks.
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  • Transitional Housing

    We provide access to rental assistance, other financial supports, case management and other services to help you gain permanent housing and find personal safety and stability.
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  • Safety Plans

    Safety plans are often used when working with someone who doesn’t require immediate shelter or shelter at all but needs to be aware of their safety. It is important to listen to the victim.
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  • Support Groups

    Adults and youths work with trained specialists individually and in group settings to share their experiences, learn from one another, and begin the healing process as they move forward.
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Understanding and Recognizing Abuse

Education Can Save A Life!

Abuse is one person using power and control OVER another.
Both partners cannot have that kind of control. The abused partner may fight back, but there is a difference between abuse and self-defense. Understanding the difference and recognizing what abuse looks like can help you protect yourself and the people you love.

Abuse is not about both partners just "fighting it out" all the time.
Abuse can happen regardless of the length of relationship or living situation. Just because things have been fine in the past is no reason to stay if you are being abused now.
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