Help For Abused Partners

Who We Are.

Our Mission

Helping families recover from domestic abuse is the foundation of everything we do!

Help For Abused Partners is focused on providing assistance with a 24-hour crisis line, emergency shelter, individual advocacy, group support, court advocacy, help with protective orders and victim compensation claims, and children's programs. Together we can stop domestic violence!

Our Vision

We strive to create a wold where abuse is no longer acceptable and all families can feel safe!

The work of we do in our community is aimed at creating a better world, a world that is free from domestic violence and interpersonal abuse. Through advocating, supporting, and empowering victims of domestic violence, our vision is to end the cycle and help those affected start down a better path.

Recognizing Abuse

Understanding and being able to recognize abuse when it is happening is the first step to stopping the cycle. We have compiled a comprehensive breakdown of the signs of abuse to help those who aren't sure if what they or their loved ones are experiencing is considered abusive. If you believe you are suffering from physical or emotional abuse, need safety or freedom from violence, need help with solving problems created by domestic violence or if you fear for your safety of your children contact us:

24 Hour Crisis Line: (970) 522-2307

Some Of The Services We Offer

How We Help Those In Need


Help For Abused Partners offers Support Groups, Emergency Shelter and Outreach Program for all of those in need of help.


We help with education and training on Domestic Violence and the programs and resources available for you.

A little help can make a big difference!
Donations of any size help provide immediate relief for the individuals we serve. If you have more to give, substantial cash gifts can be pledged with payment scheduled over a period of time.
Help a family in need today
Helping others is what we do!
Help For Abused Partners works to assist the victims of domestic violence. We provide emergency shelter, food, clothing and medical care. We are open 24/7/365, and and are always available.
How we help those in need